Fascinating Funeral Cultures

We’re all familiar with general funeral traditions. You know what’s expected; what to wear, the procedure, that sort of thing. But that changes around the world. In some cultures, death is not the end. Here are some of the countries with the most fascinating death cultures:

In Ghana, people are buried in coffins that represent something that they loved or dreamed about. For example. If they loved music, the coffin will be in the shape of a musical note. People have been buried in bibles, giant fish, or cars reflecting what they loved or what their careers were.

In Madagascar, there is a ritual referred to as “famadihana” which involves the family of the deceased carrying the body and spraying them with wine and perfume. This all happens as a live band plays and dances with the body.

In Mongolia, the belief is that the life of a dead person progresses and moves on and the body therefore remains an empty vessel.  According to TED, to return the body back to earth, the body is chopped into pieces and placed in a mountaintop and left out in the open.

In the Philippines, some cultures blindfold the deceased and place them next to the main gate or entrance of the house while some bury their dead under their kitchen.

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